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In the Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 sunglasses’ intended application, airflow is never an issue because more often than not you are hurtling down a mountain so venting isn’t as comprehensive as on road-specific glasses.oakley womens sunglasses.The sheer expanse of the lens makes them slightly prone to fogging in the upper portion as it covers an unusual amount of your forehead, but I found this was only when you slow after generating a lot of heat – it seemed to struggled to escape due to the smaller than normal gap between my sunglasses and helmet.fake oakleys.Oakley offers the EVZero in five different lens shapes, but in the case of the largest EVZero Range variant, even the lens and temple dimensions are within a few millimeters of each other: 125mm-wide, 53mm-tall, and 120mm-long for the Attack Max; 138mm x 55mm x 125mm for the EVZero Range.


On the bike, both provide similarly expansive fields of view, along with superb protection from flying debris, wind, and oakley. I could barely see the edges of the lens on either set, and even at 80km/h, my eyes didn’t water from wind irritation. Both sunglasses are fantastically lightweight — 32g for the Attack Max, the EVZero Range even lighter at just 23g — and combined with the similarly gentle fit on my relatively narrow head, it doesn’t take long to forget that you’re wearing them at all.Oakley may offer the EVZero in versions to suit nearly any lighting condition (and don’t forget those five different lens shapes), but the lenses can’t be swapped after the fact since the temples are permanently fixed in place. The Attack Max, on the other hand, has a clever magnetic clasp setup that still allows for a frameless design, but also the ability to change lenses at will.oakleys on sale.The standard ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror lens of my test set is noticeably better in bright sunlight with its darker 15% transmission rating, and Smith Optics further hammers the point home by also including a ChromaPop Contrast Rose lens with a much lighter 48% tint that works well in lower-light conditions.

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