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Cheap Oakleys.I want to hate these Zungle Panther sunglasses, which have bone conduction speakers built into them, but I kind of can’t resist them. They’re so unfashionable that maybe I’m into them? They’ve also already surpassed their Kickstarter goal of $50,000 with 23 days to go. Is this some kind of Kickstarter psychology where I like them because of all their internet monetary support? It’s working. The sunglasses also come with a built-in mic and secret USB port. (They’re tucked into the arm of the glasses. Very secret.)Zungle Panther’s idea is nothing new. We’ve seen physical speakers built into sunglasses before, including in the Oakley Thumps from 2005.Oakleys Outlet.That was a decade ago, and I kind of like the look of those mid-2000s Oakleys better even without bone conduction. However, something about the Zungle Panther and all its bone-conduction glory seems to encapsulate the look of Summer Sixteen. Maybe it’s because I could totally see Drake wearing these? I imagine many a teen will love having Skrillex pulsating through their skull bones. Okay I guess I don’t actually love these that much.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.

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Fake Oakley Holbrook.The software is designed to create personalized training programs, track performance metrics, give coaching feedback and responds to the user’s questions. Using Intel’s Real Speech technology, the software allows athletes to ask Radar Pace about pace, power output, heart rate, time, distance and speed. There are also internal accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure, humidity and proximity sensors.The eyewear’s arms features a touch pad to toggle between volume adjustment, music control and even allows for the ability to answer phone calls through Bluetooth. The Radar Pace works with the mobile application of the same name so users can review stats after their runs or workouts.The Radar Pace features crisp Prizm lenses with the glasses being water resistant. Cheap Oakleys.Check out Canadian Running‘s unboxing video (top of this page) to check out the additional accessories and closeups of the Radar Pace.There have been a lot of large companies and big brands in all industries that come and go. Out of that stack, there are few that can manage to hold on to their DNA and soul into the tens and hundreds of millions+ of revenue. Oakley is clearly in this category, along with Apple, and my friend Andy Laats’s company, Nixon.I’ve had a personal relationship with the brand since the late 80’s when I rocked my first pair of Frog Skins. I rocked those bad boys for years when I was a young deckhand on a recreational SCUBA boat out of Ventura, CA. Later, I continued to wear their glasses on the range and in the CQB kill house. I’ve always been a fan, the stuff just works.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.